Weird Security For PC, Security Gadget ,Specifications, Features, Best Price

Weird Security  For PC,  Security Gadget ,Specifications, Features, Best Price

For nearly half a decade, computer users have alphabetical passwords leave to protect your data. However, this tradition is obsolete, as stories of successful attacks by spyware and malicious software like MobiStealth are more likely to be in the world of technology. How often they must protect the introduction of new equipment in the technology market through various media sensitive data on your system. Some of these devices are really useful, while others may not be much help. These are some of the strangest gadgets, but most that your security for PC.


Must Break You

  • You must break computer breaks officially announced 2 Easy, it is based on the concept based to protect, not even to come out by a single character that has ever existed data.
  • You can destroy the technology that contains your data, beyond repair.
  • The drive you’re trying to hurt to hide beyond the crushing recognition by you should break.
  • There is no way anyone can your confidential data from a faulty disk break easy to restore 2 computer.
  • Spy software for computers to find capable, even gone.

Headlock for your Jump Drive

  •  It keeps out wildcats by offering a three digit code for entry.
  • A locked USB connector gives you complete security.
  •  This comes with a major glitch.
  • The combination gives you a 1000 trials and a hacker with some spare hours on his hand can easily unlock the USB connector and access the data stored in the drive.

Palm Reader

  • Instead of the password-based authentication, a top-notch palm reader is a better option to secure the data in your system.
  • Fujitsu’s Palm Secure recognizes the unique pattern of veins in the user’s hand and allows access to the data.
  • The Palm Secure, however, comes with its own set of imperfections. Something as simple a severed hand trick can allow any hacker to bluff this software.
  • Hence, it may not be enough to keep clever hackers at bay.

The Bio Pen

  • The Bio Pen secures the data in your computer, using the concept of signature recognition.
  • If the Bio Pen had relied only on image recognition, it could have been trespassed easily, by intruders.
  • Apart from recognizing your signature, the pen also senses the pressure that is being exerted while writing, pen acceleration, speed and other variables.

Wireless PC Lock

  • A wireless PC lock is a two piece gadget.
  • There is a puck that the user has to clip to his/her shirt or key chain.
  • It is wireless connected to the other part of the gadget in the USB port.
  • As soon as the user moves about 2 meters away from the system, it gets locked.
  • The one major benefit this devise offers you is that it saves you the extra two minutes it takes for you to lock and unlock your system manually.
  • The use of such security gadgets can prove highly useful for users who are concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of the data stored on their personal computers.
  • With the increasing threat of malware, it is advisable to make use of these innovative security tools.


  • It is advisable to use these innovative safety tools.
  • Bio Pen could be easily penetrated by attackers.
  • It is wirelessly connected to the other part of the gadget in the USB port.
  • A USB port provides complete security locked.
  • The user moves about 2 meters of system crash.
  • Record the extra two minutes to lock and unlock the system manually.



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