Usefull Google maps Tips & Tricks Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Usefull Google maps Tips & Tricks Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store


UsefullĀ Maps has over 1000 million active users today, it is the most popular navigation software in the world.It is easy to miss new features or hidden options. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Google Maps tips and tricks. It’s time to take the first step on the road to mastering Google Maps.

One of the first things you should do with Google Maps directions is to keep it at home and at work. To do this, open Google Maps, touch the menu button – shown by three vertical lines in the upper left corner – and touch your places. You will see entries for home and work. Enter your address. Now you can ask Google Maps Home to browse or work instead of typing the address. You can also search such as “restaurants close to work” box and a list of viable proposals.

Most of us are familiar with the navigation function of Google Maps, voice guidance instructions offers, but did you know that this is an excellent shortcut to launch it? You can find a location or touch it on a map and then press and the transport power button in the lower right corner (showing a car, bike or person) hold and Google Maps will select the best route and start Navigation, mode.

Simply maintain its position (marked with a blue dot) to solve a pen. Type the address or the Pines section removed at the bottom of the screen to expand and press. You will find a list of pop-up apps to see with whom you can share your location. If someone is having trouble finding your site, then a photo of the front of the current building can help you. Check the following suggestions on how to share Streetviews directly.

Usefull Google maps Tips & Tricks Applications

If you want to see a picture of your location, you need Street View. Press and hold the card to drop a pin at the chosen location, then press down, indicated where the pin dropped (or address) to get the information. You should see an image, Street View says. Press to start that and Street View in the selected location. You can in the sharing menu of the road in the upper right corner and playing parts of the contact visibility.

Let’s face it, still do not know what you’re looking for. You may want a little gas, looking for a mouthful to eat, or have a package to send. Fortunately, when you click on the empty Google Maps search bar, you are next to a few icons for sites to see close to a list of recent searches. By pressing more on your right, you can expand this list, restaurants, hospitals, ATMs, gas stations and many other facilities include.

Choose what you are looking for, and present a list of options nearby with their respective distances. They will also look at the scores look, if it is available, and you can call the company’s website directly from the information or visit panel. If you drag the panel information down, you see who are marked on the map.

A double tap extended partially, but there is another option.

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