Universe Pricing Alternatives Application, Platforms Android, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Universe Pricing Alternatives Application, Platforms Android, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Univers is a social software solution ticketing, which allows its customers to sell tickets online, promote your brand and manage online events. The product allows the customer to create customized ads for your needs. Univers offers services such as QR scanning barcode, card payments, visitor traffic management, sales reports for customers to analyze the target market and guarantee the security of the customer by a counterfeit banknote Of scanning detection.

The product offers a variety of functions such as custom event pages, which can be viewed on multiple devices. The ticket management application facilitates the tracking of help based on input controls and automatic collection of payments on any device.

It allows users to create email campaigns and social networks to keep track of calls and use social media analysis to target the right amount of customers. Univers also offers advanced ticketing, including flexible pricing, discount codes, subscriber management, payment and customizable e-tickets.
The universe is 28,000 operators in various sectors such as food festivals, film festivals, music festivals, conferences and fundraising, among other things, at the moment. The product offers integration with WordPress, Weebly, Google Analytics, and Mailchimy Wix.com.


  • Intended Users : Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business
  • Devices Supported : Android, iPhone-iPad, iPhone, iPad, Web-based, Mobile Web App
  • Supported Countries : Asia, Canada, Europe, United States
  • Supported Languages : English
  • Support Options :  Knowledge Base, Phone Support


  • Customer Management Software Ticketing Software
  • Marketing Software Social Media Marketing Software
  • Marketing Software Campaign Management Software

Universe Pricing

   Pricing model: Freemium
• Free Events – $0.00 per ticket
• Ticketed Events – 2% of the ticket cost + $0.99 per ticket capped to $9.95 per ticket

Key Features of Universe

  • Marketing conferences
  • Social media campaigns
  • Social deals
  • Email campaign
  • Social media, Email & Online campaigns
  • Open API
  • WordPress, Weebly
  • On-Demand & Real-Time reports
  • Personalize social shares
  • Users can create custom landing pages
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Generate report of sales
  • Customer History
  • Incentives given for sharing events
  • Ticketing management solution
  • Coupons & Promo Codes
  • Attendee Management
  • Track events & campaigns


  • Universe offers many customization options landing page for the user if necessary.
  • It allows users to choose topics, select download images, colors and font sizes of your choice.
  • The application can be offline to work the user can scan Visitors without an Internet connection to visit your page.
  • Univers provides detailed reports on ticket sales via the analysis tool, are directed to the user on the right amount of customers.
  • The product also offers the possibility of these reports in CSV or XLS format download.
  • The platform allows users to create a free event.
  • Users must paste the web link on the event to be paid on their websites and visitors directly to the ticket site.
  •  The ticket management application generates an immediate notification because the complete data is synchronized with the cloud.
  • Using a tablet or mobile phone  The application allows users to easily track the status of the customer’s record.


Universe Pricing Alternatives Application

Universe Pricing Alternatives Application

Universe Pricing Alternatives Application

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