The Best My Jio Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

The Best My Jio Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

                                                                                                   My Jio Applications

My Jio

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My Jio: As the name implies, MyJio app will serve as the hub for all your mobile activity with Jio SIM. Like My Vodafone and My Airtel apps, MyJio will show users their balance and validity for data, calling and SMS packs. The app can also be used to check usage and generate detailed account statements for up to 6 months. The app also serves as one-stop shop for locating Jio Net hotspots, where you can access free WiFi from your WiFi balance.
MyJio can be downloaded on any Android or iOS device and uses traditional login procedure. The app is currently the top free app on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Jio Chat

                                                                                        My Jio Chat Applications

Jio Chat: You guessed it right – this is the WhatsApp clone in Jio App suite. JioChat is Reliance’s implementation of a messaging app. The app though new is rich with features. Of course, it offers one-on-one messaging but also adds features like voice calling and video calling. With Jio’s focus completely on 4G data usage, Reliance would want its users to skip traditional communication methods and use JioChat for all sorts of messaging and calling.
JioChat also offers an option to share files, which is limited to images and videos. The company could add other options like document sharing at a later stage. Jio Chat is currently available for both Android and iOS devices.

Jio Music

                                                                                      My Jio Music Applications

Jio Music: The app is an implementation similar to Apple Music, Wynk Music, Saavn, Gaana and others. The app offers millions of HD songs in over 20 languages. JioMusic users can download the songs for offline access with access to personalised recommendations.

Jio Money

                                                         My Jio Money Applications

Jio Money: The app is similar to Apple Pay and Google Pay, for making and receiving payments. It is unclear whether Reliance plans to expand the service as an NFC payment gateway. It could also be a counter to the likes of Pay TM and Fre Charge.

Jio TV

Jio TV: The app offers instant access to TV programmes with a wide range of TV channels across languages and genres. It offers live TV pause and play feature and currently has access to 300+ channels.
JioDrive: This Jio branded app offers cloud storage on the go with Jio account. The only service also accessible from desktop offers storage solution when you run out of memory on your smartphone with just 16GB storage. It has auto-upload and sharing features like Google Drive but it is unclear how much storage Reliance offers for free.
While these are the core apps, Reliance is also offering separate for entertainment, security, news and magazines.

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