The 7 Best Android 2017 Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

The 7 Best Android 2017 Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store 

Android Apps Best 2017: Fitness Apps

1. Google Fit (Free)

Google to allow a real-time survey

Google Fit is preinstalled on Android devices, but if you do, you should go to Play Store and download the Google health aggregator.

Not only the traces of your running activity, running and cycling, if you carry your phone but supported to continue Android OS SmartWatch without mobile. It provides performance-based recommendations on achievable goals and aggregate data for all fitness tracking applications that connect to it.

2. Runtastic (Free, Pro, £ 4.99)

Keep track of your time and distance

If you need a simple application to record your shopping, walks, bike rides and other activities, Runtastic does the job very well.

Using GPS on your phone, Runtastic Track your route and times. You can also set audio tracks for intervals or distance traveled. Main, it also allows to know the rhythm that on the performance.

3. Strava (Free, Pro, 4 £ / m)

Where every street is a race against its neighbors

Plan to bike to go to work, or just want to give some track and improve their best cycles? Strava is the answer.

Shared between racing and cycling is Strava really the best in cycling itineraries on track. You can tell how fast you follow the mountain, GPS with your progress, and lets you compete yourself in future trips.

The best feature of Strava is how you grow to do better, so you can mix with strangers to TIPTOE things.

4. Run Zombies and 38. Zombies 5k (free, with in-app purchases)

Learn to walk with a little help from the undead

Who said that the race had to be boring? Zombies Run to do the design your way is used in a fall of zombie apocalypse.

Predator Frantic game, inspired in form and running to get. You will receive instructions as they run to tell him where his tight supplies and speed invade Horde. With your GPS, zombies can say Run, if you have fast enough to survive. 5k version gives you a lot of content to get a stopped start five kilometers in just a few weeks in operation.

5. Sworkit (free, £ 3.07)

Who needs a personal trainer?

Sworkit is sent directly to people who want to be fit, but keep apologies the gym to avoid

A) home training bring, and B), you can specify how long you have. After Sworkit the time required to exercise, use has a “playlist” exercise, so the veto areas you would rather avoid.

The demo videos are provided by professional coaches and exercises included 160 certainly more variety and flexibility to form seven minutes offer, allows you to really push to get the results and see.

6. Calorie Counter – MyFitness Pal (free, in-app purchases)

Counting calories and weight just falls

Of course, and exercise only makes half the battle when trying to lose weight, and My Fitness Pal covers the rest. Look for food that when you eat (or scan the bar code when you eat) is and My Fitness Pal stays ne, to give a full summary of how much you eat and fall as quickly expect pounds.

There are some want to pay, including extra for those who really control the options to take diet plans but it is enough for the free choice for most people. It connects to the stack of other applications of the exercise coupled with Activity Tracker connected and ensure that good performance with the calorie bonus scale is rewarded per day.

7. Charity Miles (free)

Inspire a gift on his behalf to go

If good intentions, a fighting spirit or zombies do not take you out of the house, then maybe you do him something for a good cause. Charity Miles is an application with commercial sponsors, who pay a number of coins per mile to the charity of their choice

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