The 6 Best Android 2017 Applications , Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

The 6 Best Android 2017 Applications , Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store 

 Best 6 Android Apps 2017

1. Tasker (£2.99)

Automate your phone’s functions for an easy life

If you really want to tinker with Android, Tasker is a brilliant way of automating much of the functions you’d normally do manually. It takes a little getting your head around, but the scope here is enormous – especially if you have root access on your phone.

You can train your phone to open Spotify when you put your headphones in, for example, or automatically respond to texts with your street address. If you can feed it the instructions, Tasker can automate the rest.

2. Next Lock Screen (free)

Make your lock screen sparkle

Microsoft’s Garage project lets employees develop Android apps in their spare time, which is very fair­minded of the company. One of the best­known results of this scheme is Next Lock Screen, and this new version adds fingerprint scanning, provided your phone supports it; Smart Contacts and Smart Lock settings that let you configure how you unlock your device; and even location­s sensitive wallpaper that changes automatically depending on where you are. Other useful features include detailed notifications that show all your missed calls, text messages and app alerts without you needing to “wake” your phone.

Because Next Lock Screen looks different to the standard Android layout, it effectively forces you to relearn your home screen, which is jarring, but it has already amassed many devotees and recently won a “best lock screen app for Android” award. Using it is almost like having a new phone without needing to pay for the upgrade.

3. Opera Max (free)

Supercharge your web browsing

Unless you’re lucky enough to have unlimited data on your phone, or a bottomless wallet, you’ll want to get the most out of your data package.

This is where Opera Max comes in. It crunches down the size of images and videos, speeds up website load times, and typically saves you from around a third to almost half of your general data use. You can restrict some apps to only ever connect via Wi-Fi, and temporarily turn off connections if you want to save some data for the end of the month.

4. Pocket (free)

Collect the best of the web to read later

The 6 Best Android 2017 Applications

Found an article you like but want to read it later, when you may not have an internet connection? Pocket is the solution to your problem.

Allowing you to save articles and videos to read and watch later across any Pocket-enabled device, you’ll never be short of something to read or share again. It’s the perfect distraction for Tube journeys, flights and those long train trips in signal black holes.

5. WifiMapper (free)

Track the best WiFi spots in the world

If you don’t have a generous mobile data plan, you’re going to want to use WiFi as much as possible, but finding good, free Wifi isn’t always that easy. Wi-fi Mapper is the solution. Crowdsourced maps where the community shares where to get free WiFi, you should never have to rely on your data again.

6. Fenix for Twitter (£3.99)

Microblogging perfected

The official Twitter app may be a serviceable free client, but it pales in comparison to Fenix.

Featuring a slick Material Design interface that’s fully customisable and incredibly responsive, this is the app for any self-confessed Twitter addict. Spend a couple of days using Fenix and your Twitter productivity will go through the roof.

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