Super Mario Run Game Application, Features, Download From Playstore

Super Mario Run Game Application, Features, Download From Playstore

Super Mario Run is finally for smartphones. Nintendo recently launched the game on iOS and went through 40 million downloads in just four days after the start, thanks to countless eager fans who had waited to start Mario game.


Super Mario Run is expected soon on Android devices as well, but we could not wait.
We only had to play the game to see how it is. So we spent some time to do it, and here’s what we think of the game.
There, in the turmoil reigns Fungi again, Princess Peach is in danger, and once again, her old hero Mario must save the enemy – Bowser.
The game can be played with one hand easily in portrait mode.
When you start the game for the first time, it takes you through a tutorial and you are ready to start with it. Mario directs the game and also crosses small obstacles.
All you have to do is jump and collect the control of the coins.
Mario jumps each time you touch the screen. And if you want a more jump, just tap and hold the phone screen over.


If you have easily played games like Temple Run, Super Mario Run, because the basic concept of the game is pretty much the same.
The character is on a scene full of obstacles, and you need to jump it to fall and avoid.
Also, collect coins at run time.
But only the concept is similar to the experience of playing the two games is completely different.
For a game that comes with only one inch, Super Mario Run can be played with a lot of innovative moves.
Mario climb the rails and moves in front of several other obstacles that hamper progress on their own.
We had to make sure that you jump at the right time to collect as many coins as possible and not something Goombas on the road.
The game has 24 levels in total, but you have to pay to play on the third.
We played the first three levels and we found the game was quite smooth and addictive.
Each level has a different theme, like the good old Mario games and each level comes with five pink coins.
Once you have collected these new and play at this level, five violet pieces that are much harder to get.
The same plan can be played over and over again, but it gets more difficult over time.
In addition to the World Tour, you can also play Super Mario Toad Rally Run.
Toad Rally, you choose an opponent and compete with him on a certain level.
Basically, it is a performance by another player, we registered against the competition, but nevertheless enjoyed quite Toad Rally.
It is also worth mentioning that the money you can use collected to make your own Fungi Reign custom.
You can decorate it to your liking by collecting Mario coins.


However, one major disadvantage is that you can not play the game without wifi. The game also takes a long time to download content, so you have to be very patient with it.


We loved Super Mario Run, but there is nothing we have not seen. As mentioned above, the concept is quite similar to games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers, so we have nothing new. In addition, there are two major disadvantages to the game – which pays the biggest part and does not work without a Wi-Fi connection.


       Super Mario Run Game Application

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