Snapchat Spectacles Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Snapchat Spectacles Applications, Platforms,  Features, Download  Free From Play Store

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Snapchat now sells its own pair of glasses Google Glass. They are a bit simpler than faulty Google headsets or other augmented reality devices, but they are definitely striking. The idea is that you use their adventures to detect, on the go. A bit of a Go Pro, but for your face.

Fascinated Here you have everything you need to know about the first Snapchat dive.

What Are Snapchat Sunglasses?

In October 2016 Snapchat announced a pair of sunglasses called snapchat eyeglasses connected. You can save video clips automatically stored in the Snapchat memory, Snapchat function that stores all the snapshots in the memory, stories and save the blocked content. Sunglasses, a camera with a goal of 115 degrees, which is designed to mimic the way people actually see.

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How Snapchat Lenses?

After Snapchat, its glasses are easy to use.

To take a picture (picture or video), you touch a button in the upper left corner of the glasses. It will stop automatically after 10 seconds of recording, but can touch an extra 10 seconds to add (both can record up to 30 seconds). You will see a light inside, if it is broken, while a light to show to others when you are recording and in your view.

Snapchat goggles work with Android and iOS devices. If you have an Android phone, you can ons transmitted by Wi-Fi, but if you have an iPhone, are transmitted via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi sunglasses connection. Note that a sunglass as a standalone device (stored up to 200 shots, until you have access to your phone) can be used. To play them, you must use Snapchat app for Android or iOS.

Seeing with Snapchat sunglasses snaps, you are a new “circular” format as their images to display, as the human eye sees, even if it is cut in horizontal or vertical orientation.

Specifications are not waterproof, so you are careful on the beach, for example.

How long does the Snapchat battery keep glasses?

Snapchat Stack goggles for about a day, and sun sunglasses out last used as a battery gauge. Press, you can see just how much life you have left. To collect the glasses, just use the charging box and the cable that comes with (the box can charge up to four times before needing to be recharged).

How Must Snapchat Eyewear?

The glasses cost $ 129.99 (about £ 105), come in size and come in three colors: black, cyan (red) and coral (blue).

When will Snapchat show?

Snapchat has to sell on its website its dedicated glasses set, but US customers only today. There is no indication that they will be available elsewhere. Specifications previously sold by Snapbots – pop-up stores in the US. But as they are on sale online, this plan concluded.

If the first Snapchat hardware product?

Not technically. The company has developed products in the past, such as a plush, cards, backpack, ice cube tray, and more.

What is Snapchat (and Snap)?

Snapchat started in 2011. It is a popular application for sharing photos, you can send photos and videos to friends, self-destruct after a few seconds of a person who sees it. Snapchat is also a fun messaging application. When you take a picture or video with the application, you can add a caption or a scribbled lens or above, and then send it with a chat message the end result to a friend.

Alternatively, you can add it to your “story”, a 24-hour collection of images and videos (also called Snaps) that convey the world or your followers. Snapchatters sent about 700 million instantaneous per day in May 2014.

You can read everything about Snapchat here.
In October 2016 Snapchat announced that his company would now be known as a nod. Snap described as “camera company” instead of mobile application developers.In a blog, Evan Spiegel, CEO and co-founder of Snapchat said Snapchat snap evolved because pressure provides more Snapchat (ie snapchat glasses) and wanted better Distinguish product information derived from the company’s information.

In other words, the Snapchat Snapchat mobile application will remain, while the Snapchat company are called snap-in the future.

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