Shuttle+ Music Player Android Applications, Platforms, Features, Download From Play Store

Shuttle+ Music Player Android Applications, Platforms, Features, Download From Play Store

Shuttle + is extremely soft and smooth and offers exactly what it promises, without delay or difficulty. The application costs $ 0.99 per piece of Play Android store to download and install.Lightweight Powerful Music Player

Although in nature quite simple, Shuttle + Music Player for Android has a very intuitive user interface and some very attractive menu screens. The attraction is evident throughout the application, thanks to its customizable styles, colors and origins. Ensuring the design, visualization of the track, animations, etc. Albums Blank cover, perfectly arranged and displayed to meet the highest rated music player’s expectations. In payment application, paid a considerable amount of money or partly estimated aspect of the application is returned, which can be seen from your home screen. The main goal of any music player sounds good, and reaches Shuttle + app more than perfection. The equalizer 6 full bands, presets, bass amplifiers and other audio controls completely sounds the user plays the way he wants.

In addition to the necessary music playing technicalities which are achieved quite perfectly, Shuttle+ Music Player also provides a string of user-friendly features or tools that may become very handy. The automatic lyric finder, the very efficient sleep timer and the smooth gapless playback features are some of them which may turn very useful in the long run. The application also supports multitasking and offers a set of widgets to fill in your homescreen for easy accessing. You can even find and enable the music controls in the notification bars and in your lock screens.


A lightweight music app that you wouldn’t regret installing or using in your smart phones!

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