Salman Khan Being in Touch Application, Features, Platforms Apple/Android, Download From Play store

Salman Khan Being in Touch Application, Features, Platforms Apple/Android, Download From Play store

Listen Hear! As promised, on its 51st anniversary, Bollywood celebrity Salman Khan has launched a gift for their fans. Right on the signal, Salman Khan now has his own application, called Being In Touch” application. At present, the application only on the Google Play Store, but no message, whether to publish for iOS users.sing this Salman Khan App you can stay informed about the actor’s life.

The actor tweeted today the official launch of his application. The tweet was accompanied by a video in which welcomed the own Salman Khan his fans and said: Swagat mat karo aap kumara, hum card Aapka Swagat hain Swagat hai Aapka Welcome to [we not welcome, we warmly welcome. “Although it is hard to believe that people who read this article will be read,” Swagatdoes not mean that, but it is one of the actors of dialogue Popular of his film Dabangg 2 I can. Bet that many of you were quick to test the application, shortly after this reading, but let me tell you, since the application started an hour ago, it can be a little hard to find The app on Google Store Games. So here is a link to the application download page.

Before I go on to talk about my first impressions of the application, leave me a very interesting point, but on the application. It is only one hour with the introduction of the application, and there are 24 opinions of the application, which have described all applications with five stars. So is the Bhai fanfare! So, back to demand, of course, is the use of all Salman Khan.

With close-ups of the actors on the configuration page and dashboard. Of course, this is exactly what his fans would like to see in the app. The logo and the name of the application makes the brand’s philanthropic man the actor. At first glance, the application is very neat and very pleasing to the eye.

Once this is done, the personal information request will ask, such as name, email address and mobile phone number, your identity will be authenticated by a one time password (OTP) that are sent to your mobile phone number checked in. It is a nightmare to worry about privacy, but I bet that Bhai fans do not mind giving your personal information with Bhai.

Once the recording is ordered, you are. And basically get information about Salman Khan in one place. The application has several categories listed as to be in touch, Khandaan, People Jobs, fan-wall and About.In category in touch, the application integrates almost all of your social media accounts here with different tabs for Your RSS Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, for each of these tabs is the application that will ask you to track your bills, if you have not already done so.

Therefore, any contribution resides in the social accounts will be considered here in the application. You can also retweet, share how all or part of these and your posts. Note that the interface tab in the Twitter app is slightly greasy if you installed Google Chrome on your Android phone.

Overlooking the ‘Khandaan’, a little confusing, the section provides promotional discount codes for their human tents to get. Currently, the application is reductions on the brand of watch products and jewelery.Then is not human labor, which implies, as the name, offers job offers.

But, surprisingly, these work apps are not just for humans stores, including offers from several other media companies as well. Most lists are now companies.Then marketing and advertising is not the fan wall, which is very interesting, but scary at the same time. If the category is open, showing a card with multiple pin falls, and if you take a closer look, you notice one of these axes, the exact location of other Salman Khan fans occurred in the application. Your pen in orange in black and the rest displayed.

I do not know if the purpose of the wall of the fan except when people get together and form a kind of worship of Salman Khan.And the last category is about, which is a detailed profile page of the actor, in essence, has its organic section listed some of his photos and a video with a short description as he feels he Is “the favorite child of destiny” and as he saw death.


  • This includes his biography, hobbies, workout routine, favourite food and games etc.
  • The app also gives information about various Jobs available at Salman Khan’s Being Human Foundation.
  • You can directly apply for a job of your choice from this app.
  • To start, the application asks a user with your email address or password or can synchronize the application with your login Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


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