Safer Smart Jewellery Security Gadget, Specifications, Features,Best Price, Released Date

Safer Smart Jewellery Security Gadget, Specifications, Features, Best Price, Released Date,

“Safer and Smart Jewelry” is the way one of the founders of wearables Leaf, Paras Batra, the product described, can double a trailer trailer-intelligent split with its cell phone, click on the back of a distress signal To friends and family in the event of sending an emergency.This point makes it easy to track the location of the user when they need help. Including Chiraag Kapil, Manik Mehta, Ayush Banka and Avinash Bansal, seems to have really got their last prototype. This little pendant was born from a much wider idea, but more than a year ago.


The incident that led to the idea

  • “We are working on a Wifi project in the city in March 2014, in the end will not work not because of the rules and regulations of the government,” Paras said the trip for us.
  • “I was living at that time in Munirka in Delhi, as a student at IIT Delhi.
  • I was taking a bus from there one night when I looked around and realized where shady and dangerous, especially for women.
  • This was also the case Nirbhaya of power. “
  • Paras recalls coming India Gate after the terrible incident with thousands of anger, but realized it was time to do something tangible.
  • He regrouped with their colleagues, and that was the turning point – began dressing communication deficit of technology experience in women in transit in order to reduce and improve response time in case of ” emergency.
  • It is after all, the right of every citizen a public space on demand regardless of sex.
  • Saying about some of the prototypes in which they worked, he thought that many assumptions had that might go wrong later, a lot of experimentation before playing the right note.
  • “We realized that the battery life in the prototype was too low to operate the GPS and 3G,” he recalls.
  • “Any idea, we started to make a small prototype and give it to a user group of comments.”

SAFER: The present and the future

  • The final prototype is an elegant, extremely easy to use pendant that you want to flaunt.
  • Features such as Safe Walk, the watch to allow your walk through areas of insecurity a loved one, your application notifications on calls from relatives or friends and special ‘selfie goods make an instant hit.
  • Urban women in urban areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai will be the first to take advantage of this product, but Paras admits that its long-term goal is to make more secure 1 million families by 2017th
  • SAFER now focuses on women, because of the country’s situation and the urgency of necessity,” says Paras.
  • “Our goal is to provide wearables for the elderly, for men and for children too!”


  • Your Safer application sends an alarm to the exact location of friends and family.
  • It is after all, the right of every citizen a public space on demand regardless of gender.


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