Productivity Best Android Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Productivity Best Android Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From  Play Store  


Email – Fast & Secure Mail (free)

Super snappy control of all your emails

Well, it’s unlikely to win prizes for a single name, but Easily Do email is one of the best iPhone apps and is now available on Android. It comes with all kinds of useful features, including deleting a note and smart classification email (eg, groups the number of passengers), but is the main selling point? It is a quick way to lightning.

 Unclouded (free; with in-app purchases)

Combining the power of Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive into one app

Juggling two, three or even four online storage accounts can be a real headache. Luckily Unclouded is relieving your concerns.

With all your accounts on a clear interface, Unclouded you can access your files from one place, no matter where they are stored. Unclouded supports Dropbox, Google Drive, onedrive, Box and Mega, which are actually iCloud users who are outside.

For one or two accounts it is free, but if you want to manage the content of others, will have to pay. Fortunately, you unclouded the services you want to choose, so that you never pay for something you do not use.

Inbox by Gmail (free)

Making your email manageable again

Your Android phone already comes with the Gmail app – unsurprisingly, given Android is Google’s baby. But if you want something a bit more experimental, Inbox by Gmail is well worth a go.

It’s essentially a better way of organising your email, letting you group related messages in the same place, snooze emails to pop up as notifications again later, or pin them to the top so they can’t be missed. It’ll also bring up time sensitive emails when the time is right, allowing you to instantly find reservations or flight information without spending that time searching.

 Google Photos (free)

Unlimited storage and a few nifty tricks to boot

Google Photos is just essential. I know you’re probably thinking, “my Android phone already has a perfectly good gallery app,” but seriously: it’s not as good as Google’s.

Firstly, it’s super intelligent. You can search all your saved photos for things in them, even if they’re not tagged. So, do a search for “food” and Google Photos will bring up all your plate photos. Better still, it’ll do clever things when it spots similar photos, like making short GIF animations out of photos it sees as being similar, or automatically making wider images out of two photos if it sees they can be joined together. Finally, it has unlimited storage space in the cloud for your photos. It’ll reduce the quality a little (though you can save them in full detail out of your Google Drive allowance), but it’s fine for most needs, and it’ll free up valuable storage space. Essential.

PhotoScan by Google Photos (free)

Bring your old photos to the modern age

Going hand in hand with Google Photos is another Google app: PhotoScan. On the surface, this may look like just a way of photographing a photo, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Using machine learning and other clever stuff, the app cleverly removes the glare and other artefacts you’d get by just snapping them. The process is a bit longer, but the app holds your hand through it, and the results are excellent. And because it’s a Google app, your pictures will get uploaded to Google Photos, meaning your memories will never be lost again.

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