Paytm Payments, Wallets and Recharge Application, Platforms Apple iOs , Released Date

Paytm Payments, Wallets and Recharge Application, Platforms Apple iOs , Released Date

Paytm platform is the largest mobile commerce in India. Paytm started charging mobile phone and provides bill payments and today offers a complete market for consumers on their mobile apps. We have more than 100 million registered users. In a short time Paytm has more than 60 million orders increased mes. Paytm is the leading consumer brand in India in the mobile Internet One97 Communications. Investors include Financial One97 (AliPay), SAIF Partners, Venture Sapphire and Silicon Valley Bank. We strive to maintain an open culture erection, in every practical contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. Our team spends hours designing each new feature and is obsessed with the smallest details. Our approach is simple: to design something we like to use. That’s why we listen and take the time to understand our users and take their reactions seriously.

IPhone users are “good news” for you. One of the most popular Paytm payment applications is back on the App Store. Also for current iPhone users with the Paytm application the company has a “critical error resolution” launched.


The correction occurs one day after Paytm “errors” in its application iOS confirms users access to prevention services.
“Today we have an error in our iOS app in which to find applications that users could not afford what they hang,” they asked.
Soon the system was to prevent access to your account “closed, the company said in a blog.
The means of updating request for iOS 5.8.2 Paytm and has “critical fixes” been numbered in the App Store. “Your request to update immediately,” said the users Description of the iPhone.
However, no mention in his official blog on Noida updates business.
According to reporters, the company was struck off its application in the App Store after the failure.
For those who do not know, many iPhone users have trouble complaining about operations through the use of filters in the implementation.
The company said this is due to a technical error.
There are some technical questions, we will reply soon, so please try again after some time, “reads the message on the user screen when an attempt to do business was posted to do .


  • A Paytm spokesperson wrote the section on the company’s issues because of the sudden increase in the number of users and the associated transportation in the context against.
  • The decision made by the Government of India evaluations of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 and the resulting lack of Paytm liquidity leads to a sudden increase in the number of users should be prohibited.
  • The company has also expanded its reach for users who use the Internet, telephone.
  • The company has a toll-free number – 1800 1800 1234 – customers and dealers without allowing Internet access to pay the money immediately and receive and also recharge their mobile phones.
  • To use this service, users (consumers and retailers) must first register their cell phone numbers together with Paytm and 4-digit OTP Paytm.
  • Then you can the recipient’s mobile phone number, enter the amount and the Paytm PIN code to transfer the money from your wallet to another Paytm wallet.



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