Oxenfree iPhone Game Applications, Platforms, Features, Download From Play Store

Oxenfree iPhone Game Applications, Platforms, Features, Download From Play Store

Lovers difficult adventure games, you should check out: Oxenfree game for the iPhone. It is an adventure game, critically acclaimed, with custom touch controls. You can download the game for $ 3.99 Oxenfree iTunes App Store.

Supernatural Thriller Game

The premise of the Oxenfree iPhone game application is quite interesting. The game is a supernatural thriller about a group of friends, unconsciously opening a ghostly plan. You play as Alex, a brilliant and rebellious teenager who takes an old military island Jonas to an evening to his new brother. The night takes a frightening turn when you have created, inadvertently, the ghostly door is open since the last cryptic island. How to deal with these events, their colleagues and the forms of disturbing beings triggered the heart of the story. Players determine all aspects of the story while Alex Edwards Island to explore the evolution of the dark past from the base of discovery and progress of life of their friends. A smart story of changing conversation and relationships with each decision. A unique radio mechanic allows you with mysterious Alex spectra and manipulate to communicate their world. The game has multiple purposes. So even if you go back and play the game again, you can see a different pic. This contributes to the reproducibility of the game. Finally, what you expect from a game you had saved a little money.

The graphics of Oxenfree app for iPhone is decent enough, if not great. The dark theme looks nice. The characters are well designed, while the haunting VHS synth-pop soundtrack adds to the overall feel of the game. We found the game to be stable and responsive, with no lags whatsoever. Oxenfree app requires iOS versions 9.1 or higher.

Best Mind-Bending Adventure Game

Oxenfree app for iPhone is one of those supernatural thriller games that keeps you grooved to your seat for minutes on end. It has horror, excitement, challenges and it plays on your imagination as well. The game has multiple endings, therein increasing its replay-ability value. The graphics is decent, while the soundtrack is impressive. It is also slick and responsive. It should be noted that the game works only on iPhones since iPhone 5s. Check it out if you’re looking for a supernatural thriller game with lots of entertainment value.

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