Nvidia GeForce Now cloud Game Application, Platform, Features, Released Date, Download From Playstore

Nvidia GeForce Now cloud Game Application,Platform PC, Features, Released Date, Download From Playstore 

Nvidia to bring its streaming service game now GeForce, PC and Mac. At CES 2017 announced by the CEO of Nvidia Jen-Hsun Huang, GeForce Now games offer 60fps Full HD 1080 GTX hosted in the cloud with low latency connecting the computer to the PC game.

Now GeForce was previously for Nvidia Shield devices as a subscription service for $ 8 per month (about Rs. 540) itself, but its PC / Mac iteration is quite different from the card manufacturer’s approach graphic. There is no fixed rate, with prices starting at $ 25 (about Rs. 1700) for 20 hours of game time. Additionally, Nvidia offer different levels for better graphics at lower cost.

This is quite expensive, over $ 450 (about Rs.30,000) to reach a year if you play an hour each day. And this, before the cost of their gaming factor – so buy, unlike the GeForce now, must protect their own gaming devices from the likes of Steam, Origin, Uplay or other.

Nvidia also used the same GeForce brand before today. So far, however, was all the games of your own PC streaming – person living in the cloud.
Huang also pointed out that the company on this project has been working for a while and is only now that its engineers have found a way to make the service work quite fast and with enough latency to work.


  • To use the service, players have a small customer to download.
  • The installation and commissioning of the games only last a few seconds, but obviously not the service itself is used, so we must speak for Nvidia.
  • It is unclear whether Nvidia is hosted this service in their own data centers or AWS or other cloud computing platform.
  • In return, NVIDIA provides ease of use, “he says. “Are now automatically supported by the

Released date

GeForce existed only Nvidia Shield devices.It will be available on PC and Mac March.The service costs $ 25 for 20 hours of play


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