Nioh Pre-Review Dark Souls clone Game Application, Platforms, Features, Download Free Form Play Store

Nioh Pre-Review Dark Souls clone Game Application, Platforms, Features, Download Free Form Play Store

It is very rare to play in front of the version of a game more than once before, but now I have three different levels NIOH distributed to different parts of the campaign, played in three different events. The first was at E3 last year and then at the Tokyo Game Show, and a final demonstration shows an output stage at Sony’s headquarters last week.

From the first E3 shows two facts about NIOH stand out for me. First, it is obvious, open, a game of popular Dark Souls From Software inspires. But on the other hand, it has many elements that are different from this inspiration, and in many ways are the most interesting parts of the game. The most obvious difference between NIOH and soul games is its configuration. NIOH places in a fictional version of feudal Japan, where mythological creatures, the land as well as the Samurai and Ninja-stem. Players enter this strange world, in the skin of William, the Westerners who threw themselves into the midst of a country in turbulent conflict.

While the local creatures and you fight can be unknown, everyone who feels a game Dark Souls has played at home with the fighting bases in NIOH. William can be equipped with a variety of armor types and weapons that change Moveset. Every fight encounter is a push and a train where you have to spend every moment, you can choose between attacking, blocking, advance, retirement and so on. An unthinking moment William can open a salvo of enemy attacks, quickly empty your health bar full of nothing.


However, if you dig into the details, fighting the NIOH it has some elements that make it strategic and even harder to find. For example, William toggle between three different positions during the struggle to create unique movesets for each type of weapon essentially three.

Determining positions are also global approach to combat. The high position makes your attacks are slower but do more damage, but also makes you more damage if they hit you. The low position increases defense and allows you to attack quickly, but each attack does less damage to the enemy. And the intermediate position, of course, a balance between these two.

In the levels I’ve played, finding the right attitude of the most challenging NIOH games is, but also one of the most interesting. I died several times because it would change the high position to take weaker opponents and move on to a more defensive way of rushing into a mechanical miniboss.While this level of challenge for the soul Series normally do not forget that, There is also something that developer team NIOH Ninja has a wealth of experience. In 2004, one of the most difficult games ever released as Ninja Gaiden for the original Xbox.

To listen to the creative director of Team Ninja, Tom Lee, the developer is looking at NIOH as an opportunity to come back on what he likes and what he does the long-awaited best. And Lee is not shy about how much Team Ninja struggled described the latest generation of consoles as “a tough chapter … where we feel very lost at sea.” NIOH is the possibility of Team Ninja to pass this chapter. There was a time when the industry had apparently moved to a more accessible approach console games, and had the kind of hardcore action to fight for relevance, “Lee last week told me.” In our attempts to gain a wider audience, we have lost sight of our basic principles of our integrity and finally our identity.


For Team Ninja, requires that the identity of the recovery of more than another monkey series, which showed that people love games again hardcore. Developers want to build on this style; You want to do it, even difficult, then to master still satisfactory.

As the soul of NIOH game games with resource management through what “resistance” is known as a bar, in other games. In NIOH, called “ki”, but it works the same way: dodge every oscillation, block or compound consume bar a piece of your ki, and when it is completely exhausted William stunned and vulnerable.

NIOH’s most shiny layers on the standard system wrinkles, however. Appears immediately after an oscillation of the arms, a small segment of the bar off-color ki and quickly filled. If a button at the right time fills the touch bar, William takes an “impulse ki“, giving his character a buff that makes q your ki faster



  • Great setting
  • An abundance of systems to tinker with
  • Compelling moment to moment gameplay


  • Inconsistent environments
  • Frame-rate and frame-pacing concerns


Sceenshot 1 of Nioh Pre- Review Dark Souls Clone

Nioh Pre-Review Dark Souls clone Game Application

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Features of Nioh Pre- Review Dark Souls Clone

Game Application

Nioh Pre-Review Dark Souls clone Game Application

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