Move Al File iPhone to Android Software, Features, Download From Apple Store

Move Al File iPhone to Android Software, Features, Download From Apple Store

We explain how to move from an iPhone to Android, including how to transfer contacts, calendar, photos, video and music, and all the things you should consider before you make the switch from iOS to an Android phone. See all Android tips.

How to move from iPhone to Android: Move music from iPhone to Android

When you sync your iPhone with a PC or laptop, you should be your music in it. If you have purchased iTunes music on your phone, sync easy to transfer music to your computer. Music files can be in AAC (Apple) format, but Android phones can play. The only exception is music before 2009 in the protected AAC format. However, you can upgrade them to versions that are not DRM.

One of the great advantages of Android is that your phone on the PC as a storage device or a memory card is displayed. Drag and drop music files will do the rest for them (preferably in the Music folder) and Android. This is the same for music CDs and torn countless stores bought, and you can buy music on your Android device in a store or download streaming choose not only iTunes.

You can also sign up and use Google Music to transfer your files. Click here for a complete guide on how to iTunes music to move in Google Music for Android.

If for some reason you are not your music on a PC or laptop (or Mac), you should do it first. In an older iPod our use of Wide Angle Software TouchCopy to do this but costs about £ 25 Once your music on your computer you can simply use your Android via USB and drag and drop music files combine.
How to switch from iPhone to Android: Move ebooks and magazines from iPhone to Android
Electronic books in all formats, for DRM-free transfer easily. Respóndelos Simply connect to your PC, your Android phone and drag and drop.

But most of us read digital books and magazines on our phones and tablets via applications such as the Kindle, iBooks and Zinio magazines. The availability of Android in your favorite service determines whether you will be able to move through books and magazines.

In Android, the Kindle works perfectly. Install the application, log in, and your books can be read. In recent Android operating systems, you can also install Google Play Books: Kindle is similar, so you can check both the best price. However, each book was purchased through iBooks. You need an iPhone or iPad to read.
If you have an existing subscription to the individual publisher to know what your rights are. Because Google, Apple, Zinio and others have their fingers in this particular suspect pie, it is unlikely to be able to carry a subscription from one device to another. At best, a refund.


  • Transfer contacts
  • Transfer calendars
  • Move your videos and photos from iPhone to Android
  • Move eBooks and magazines from iPhone to Android


              Move Al File iPhone to Android Software

          Move Al File iPhone to Android Software

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