Money Control Markets Applications, Platforms, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Money Control Markets Applications, Platforms,  Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Those who have in the operation of the stock market are updated with the latest financial news, but to find and a track of information taken on the stock market is not boring. There are several mobile applications that serve almost all “stock” end of current commodity prices checked his profile to control stocks. We have walked five of these applications and listed finance, which are very useful for beginners as well as market veterans.

                                   Money Control Markets Applications

To learn If you an investor, trader or beginner trying to die strings of the trade, Moneycontrol Markets on your Mobile App is the go-to. From your portfolio of message tracking investments and with the latest updates to keep your favorite stocks, is a one-stop Moneycontrol solution. The application offers real-time quotes and Indian equity, futures, commodities, two NCDEX global MCX coins and even investment funds available. Can you even by other investors tips try your personalization strategies and their coverage in Moneycontrol Forum dies best decisions. All are properties this one claims on all platforms whether the owner of an iPhone or iPad, phone or Android tablet.

NSE Mobile Trading – Android, iOS

Trading and market monitoring tool

If you are looking for a free app to simply monitor the stock market, then the NSE Mobile Trading will prove to be extremely beneficial. This complete trading and market monitoring tool has a simple user interface which provides real time streaming quotes. The mobile app has been recently updated to improve its streaming capabilities, and gets a new option to enable “ticker bar” from Settings. It is available for both iOS and Android users. This is a free monitoring app but users looking for more can take further advantage of this app by subscribing to it here.

Stock Watch – Android

Android app for NSE/BSE

The Stock Watch is one of the highest rated apps that lets Android users keep a tab on the Indian and global economy. It can be used as a tool to follow India’s most important stock exchanges. The app offers the latest Indian stock market news, NSE futures and options, equity futures and options, BSE/NSE intraday charts, and Indian company stock quotes. It brings live stock quotes (expect 2 to 5 minutes delay), stock tips from experts in the Indian market and has an easy to use “Stock Search” feature. The Stocks Watchlist keeps a close watch on all the stocks which are extremely critical for you. It lets you sort them by name, price, change and percent change. It brings all the latest business news and global indices under one roof.

Yahoo! Finance- Android,iOS

                                 Money Control Markets Applications

Goes beyond stocks

The next in our list is the Yahoo! Finance app, offering a broad range of financial coverage. Once you download the app, it will ask you to select the region/country so that you get all relevant quotes. It covers a vast range of indices, and almost all information, be it the price of a commodity or the latest finance-related news. The app offers daily market summary and news, tracks tickers that are important to you and lets you add or remove stocks from the watchlist. You can even view your Yahoo Finance profile from a PC. The UI neatly organises the stocks, and lets you track them by offering real-time and after-hours data. In fact, you can go beyond stocks as the app allows tracking industries, commodities and more. The app can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices.

Investar- Android, iOS

 Auto-updates charts every five minutes

The Investar app has been designed to view NSE stock charts. These charts show signals to help traders make buying/selling decisions using several technical indicators. It provides live quotes and charts for users. The intraday quotes and charts are auto-updated every five minutes. One can easily browse through daily and intraday stock charts to find stocks of interest and add it to watchlists. The free app allows adding up to three watchlists with a limit of 10 scrips per watchlist that come with five minute real-time updates for all NSE stocks. To create unlimited watchlists, one will have to make in-app purchases. The new Watchlist Synchronization allows users to keep a backup of their watchslists and/or synchronise them with the desktop software Investar 3.0. The Investar app is available for Android and iOS users.

There are several other stock market and finanace-related apps in app stores for different platforms. Which one according to you is the most helpful stock market app?

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