iOS 10 Apple New Software, Features, Download From Apple Store

 iOS 10 Apple New Software, Features, Download From Apple Store

Apple ready EST pour “Major version of iOS always” This afternoon. So Early this summer, iOS 10 is regarded as the most important Renewal of iOS PROJETE that the company has revised its iOS design with mobile 7 in 2013.

Is The Latest Version of the iPhone and iPad software with the iPhone 7 and More 7 ship In the September 16th. If YOU HAVE older apparatus, you can download the update from 6:00 pm, UK time Today.



  • ILs on hate press start button pour Show notifications  Apple.
  • 10 IOS, the phone accelerometer by locking the screen React, displays the Last Go Search messages.
  • To be honest, ACDE could be the June office characteristics that you do not know that you have need to that you have tried.
  • Especially SINCE Touch ID is so fast Now it is difficult to press the start button without unlocking the phone.


  • CERTAIN Between you have Compass as its main application But pour many of us is simply ownership of the Properties that are President at the home screen.
  •  Not mentioned in the speech of Apple, Developers Who Have June Download the beta of iOS In 10 say They have many applications are finally able to eliminate Who come with the iPhone, means Que the stocks And e-mail,


  • Is 2016 Always With Words Communicate? Shame Source.
  • Fortunately, June 10 iOS solution.
  • A game and the Emoji keyboard from Write, Words Mark specific applications messages that can by Emoji Replace.
  • To write “basket” and proposing a … you see the idea.
  • This may seem trivial, but it may take some time for non emoji Pressotherapy When does not know where to watch, Much time Being could be, quicker initiatives Write word, and phone works.
  • The iOS 10 key for the Replace function


  • You Must Listen to Voice Messages Your Ever: iOS 10 have June characteristic which is transcribed from UN calling to automatically send Reply left.
  • The function is based on the Vocal Messaging function of Apple has some visual YEARS, You voice messages Hear In phone applications,


  • Compared with the likes of Facebook Messenger, iMessage a Seems A LITTLE Aimé times Latest Office Years, Changes little with DEPRECIEUX.
  • No corn pouring Long: messaging applications has SEVERAL Changes Important in iOS 10 That is son’s own store app.
  • ACDE Means the services pay the commander for food, shopping, travel, etc. Will be Integrated into iMessage.  The June of the Best characteristics: You can send money back.


  • The Music of Have Been of Apple Seems No Success SINCE It was launched last year to life, in addition to 20 million with Paying Subscribers in the Streaming Service, but had its detractors.
  • 10 IOS, the software from scratch Cree non-cleaner design shows.
  • In the words of Apple has: “It is a new design language, music, heros AND A new structure of can be YOU ALLOW to Navigate and DISCOVER New Music, easier”.


  • Apps like Timehop have become a popular way to relive past memories, but they don’t have access to your whole photo library like Apple does.
  • In iOS 10, Apple will debut a new “Memories” feature that automatically stitches together a video of a time and place, such as holidays or weddings.
  • The feature uses computer vision software that is able to group together pictures of places and people to create personalised collections of images.


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