Gorilla Logic 3 Outsourcing Software Trends, Features, Download From Playstore

Gorilla Logic 3 Outsourcing Software Trends, Features, Download From  Playstore

2016 has a volatile year for software development. New languages, libraries, devices, frames and tools seem to happen every day, resulting in an unstable surface can cause molto agitated. I can not keep my lunch every day, I tell you. In 2017 approaches and technology to play an increasingly frightening co-dependent role in the economy and our personal lives, what hope do we really need to anticipate the future trends and changes in outsourced software development? Before that at all if it is totally wrong, I choose three things in my business today – things I feel like a conversation.


Data analysis

By 2015, the amount of data, spat and digital devices, including smart phones and computers, then absorbed by others, relentlessly, reached 3 billion GB.

There was a name that the numbers are high, but they are also obsolete before anyone can remember.

Most of these data are not yet, merciful analyzed.

But you can bet that some companies declare somewhere “very useful to understand how to manage workflows, increase productivity and reduce costs”, mainly because the cost of the order will continue to fall faster than a North Korean satellite.

By 2016-2017, data analyzes will continue to find their feet for what will be the predominant concern of large parts of the industry in a few years.

Innovation in this field takes place all over the world and connect to manipulate the vision of technical talent is to interpret what to do keep this country on its promises.

IdO Development – Internet objects

IdO is the next “mega-trend”, “third wave of the Internet” and even “the next industrial revolution”.

Fortunately, I do not have people who use these phrases a lot. But basically, the idea is quite convincing – who knows you better than your property? And what they could do to make them more appreciated in your life than they at any time ready to report on the latest flash news – about you! IdO can mean anything from cars with integrated sensors, industrial installations, smart bracelets, intelligent thermostats or remote monitoring houses.

Cisco estimates that there are 10 billion connected devices in the world, and we expect this number for an old counter fingers like me 50 billion in 2020. More than go beyond vertigo, but at least it is only by a factor Of five.

Speaking of stupid figures is to expect that the market IdO and M2M (machine machine) $ 6 million almost Ido solutions over the next five years reach $ 1.5 billion by the end of 2016th The previous post by Jay Wallingford Spoke about the need, the home of the lack of skilled workers to outsource much of this development.

Another important factor is the need to build specialized tools and methods to provide the same kind of reliability available that we expect in RoT (reality of things) in the software field.


So within 6 months, when 50 million IdO devices spit personal information about you in billions of petabytes of picoseconds or other, will be a major counter-intuitive challenge to keep people seeing or using one of these data.

It is expected that the risk dramatically the kind of thing we creeps inexorably discussed about growing consumer products.

Gartner estimates that more than 25% of attacks involve security in 2020 IdO compounds – can not wait! Not like the old days, if you can not practice clicking on suspicious emails and password-sensitive case safe! Now his clock is your enemy, your thermostat is a spy, and his car is “home phone” to complain every 5 minutes on their brakes.

While you may not be able to individually, the masters of the Ido to know everything about you, you can as a computer professional to stop many opportunities in 2017 and wait not help teachers keep All safe and sustained.

In the coming years, companies should begin to put in able to deal with weaknesses in Ido data and multi-layered security experts protection.

Companies can use the opportunities of network segmentation and digital walls to improve the future a competitive advantage.


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