Dex Gurad App Security Android Software, Platforms, Features, Download From Play Store

Dex Gurad App Security  Android Software, Platforms, Features, Download From Play Store 


DexGuard lets you focus on developing your mobile application, not on its security. It automatically applies state-of-the-art protection techniques, saving you time, energy and money.

  • DexGuard adds multiple, mutually reinforcing layers of security to Android APKs and SDKs. Each of these layers is polymorphic, i.e. different in each single implementation.
  • DexGuard enables you to adapt the applied protection to your mobile app security and performance requirements. It also allows you to plug in proprietary algorithms for the encryption and decryption of your code.
  • DexGuard is the commercial sibling of ProGuard for Android. You can reuse your ProGuard configuration and continue leveraging your knowledge and the community’s expertise on ProGuard.
  • DexGuard is fully compatible with all common build tools and development environments (Gradle, Android Studio, Ant, Eclipse, Maven and custom builds).
  • DexGuard optimizes, obfuscates, converts to Dalvik bytecode, packages, signs and aligns archives in a single seamless process. This optimization streamlines and speeds up the entire build process.
  • DexGuard integrates transparently in the Android build process: it doesn’t require any changes to the source code.

Dex Guard Innovative Protection Features


A first component of protecting your Android application is securing it against static analysis. This prevents hackers from finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in the application’s code while it is not running. DexGuard offers:

  • Obfuscation of arithmetic instructions, control flow, native code and library names, resources and SDK method calls
  • Encryption of classes, Cordova/Phonegap applications, strings, assets, resource files, native libraries and custom WebViews

Run time Application Self-Protection (RASP)

A second component of protecting your Android application is securing it against real-time attacks. This prevents hackers from gathering knowledge of the application’s behaviour and modifying it at runtime. DexGuard offers:
  • Detection of debugging tools, emulators, rooted devices, root cloaking frameworks and tampering
  • SSL pinning and Webview SSL pinning
  • Certificate checks


 Securing your Android application does not necessarily mean it will run slower. Code optimization techniques ensure that the application retains its speed. Dex Guard offers:
  • Removal of redundant code, logging code and metadata, unused resources and native libraries
  • Automatic splitting of Dex files that exceed the size constraints imposed by the Dex format
  • Resource and code optimization

Extend DexGuard with optional add-ons

Dex Guard NDK

Dex Guard’s plugin for the Android NDK (Native Development Kit) can harden your native libraries at an advanced level. It provides string encryption and arithmetic obfuscation.

White box cryptography

Dex Guard offers an SDK for whitebox cryptography, to encrypt and decrypt dynamic data with a whitebox implementation of the AES algorithm.

Secure keyboard

Dex Guard offers an SDK with a keyboard implementation that is hardened against keylogging and other forms of snooping.

Device fingerprinting

Dex Guard’s device fingerprinting SDK can determine the identity of devices, for instance as a parameter to assess the risk of sensitive transactions.

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