Best Android apps 2017 Entertainment Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Best Android apps 2017 Entertainment Applications, Platforms, Features, Download  Free From Play Store

Best Android apps 2017: Entertainment apps

Android phones are of course an inexhaustible amount of entertainment. These are the applications you need to get the most out of your phone.

Google Play Books (free)

An entire library in your pocket

Usually it’s preinstalled on the packaging of vanilla devices Android eBook reader Google in the features of other free applications are missing. And even the capacity is not displayed initially, you can put your own ebooks and PDF files download game books and access them on an Android device in connection with your login, sync your progress through the devices. If you are looking for a place to stay, then this is the place for you. Not bad for a free application.

 Overdrive (free)

Get your electronic brick and mortar loans

Libraries are slowly starting with the convenience of digital technology and overdrive you can send books and audio books, borrowing without even leaving the house. Best of all is that no late fees because the tracks are automatically returned.

The only problem is that it should be opt for service, and inadvertently stereotypes, libraries are not always the fastest organs to accept change. Aim to be able to participate in over 30,000 libraries around the world, it is worth seeing your library to a little harder to work for you.

 Feedly (in-app purchases, Account Pro, $ 5 / month)

Your favorite sites in a practical list 

Do you want to know what is happening in the news or more on your favorite site? RSS feeds traction sites that you choose to subscribe.

Feeding makes it incredibly easy to find new sites to save content and share with others or read articles online.

Synchronization to Reddit (free)

Reddit in the pocket

There are many applications, Reddit, but informally embarrassing. From unofficial, Sync is reddit is good.

Rule Bag (02.49 £)

A simple yet powerful way to listen to your podcasts

If DoggCatcher looks terribly complex, you will find pocket to take a breath of fresh air. So powerful, but much easier to use, Pocket Casts is probably the best use of podcasting there. Its design material fits perfectly with Android and also download at any time allow podcasts, never surprised to sync your progress to the cloud, so you can go on iOS or a web browser.

 Periscope (free)

Smile, you’re filmed Twitter!

View live broadcasts of people from their smartphones. Search by location, people you follow, or just the world’s most popular stream at this time.

Seeing someone drink coffee, eat a sandwich or a new city to explore on foot, it has never been so exciting.

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Spotify (streaming from £ 9.99 / month free advertising)

Every album you need right there in your pocket

Spotify is its streaming service for Android Facto. Premium subscribers do not even have to endure the ads, so it is obvious if you are already paying for the service.

Now with Spotify Running, mobile video, new content and creating smart playlists, Spotify is a stop shop for all musical things.


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