Best Android 2017 Travel Applications, Platforms, Features, Download Free From Play Store

Best Android 2017 Travel Applications, Platforms, Features, Download  Free From Play Store

Best Android Apps for 2017: Travel Apps

Airbnb (free)

Cut out the hotel middle-men

                                   Best Android 2017 Travel Applications

Think of a short break in the city taking, but not as exorbitant prices of hotels? Airbnb is your savior.

You can access the Airbnb site, but its application for Android simplifies the booking process. No printing cards, reservation confirmations or emails: You can also whatever you need, see the application. Perfect for an uncomplicated stay.

 Citymapper (free)

An insider’s map of your city

Google Maps is therefore 2016; By 2017 every Citymapper should use – that is, if you are lucky, displayed in a city to live. He is currently London and Manchester in the UK.

Citymapper provides a complete list of public routes, calculating how much each trip costs if you use the cash, card or city credit card. It also indicates how the transport links are also located near to update travel with live traffic.

Duolingo (free)

Learn a new language in weeks

They always said that I learn a second language but never had it? Well, Duolingo must free himself to help a European of nine languages ​​to learn.

With the art of gaming Duolingo encourages you to learn through photos, voice, audio and writing. Choose the bases fairly quickly.

Google Translate (free)

Get a translation of Quickfire Holiday

Of course, you can not every word to travel in all the languages ​​of the country to learn and that’s where Google comes to translate. Initially, this may seem like a rather annoying list – everyone knows that you can get very rigid and demanding direct translations online, so why the need for an application?

Just because Google throws some magic to the mix Translate Application: To display the camera in the text show and without getting the translation in front of you on screen, input and inevitable errors. Of course, translations are not perfect, but just know if the judgment of your order is allergy shellfish to activate.

TripIt (free)

Leave this application Keep up to date with your vacation plans

Plan a trip, is quite stressful without having to deal with dozens of applications, print confirmation e-mail and mental notes. This is where the games comes TripIt: a personal assistant applications that helps you keep track of your vacation plans.

Simply send your emails confirming hotel, airline, car rental and restaurants and your itinerary will be available in the application immediately, even online, as well as maps and instructions To make sure you do not miss it, if you gmail (and really, at that time, who is not?), This is done automatically.

Uber (free)

Modernizing taxi experience

Controversies leave aside, Uber is essential for anyone who lives in a big city, where a black hawk taxi could be a quick way to bankruptcy.

Available in the UK is currently in seven cities, Uber can get a ride everywhere in a few minutes to make an application. There are also five levels of rental vehicles, so you travel as a king if desired.

 Many Thing (beta) (free subscription for multiple cameras)

A cheaper introduction to Internet objects

Internet products Things are expensive. Who knew that the future of home testing for the 21st century would cost so much money? Instead of the top five sensors for smart home investing, but you could put a finger lightly toe diving into the water with many Bing Thing. In short, an old phone is needed and it is your personal security camera is connected, so you can monitor your home while you are away.

It is free for a month, and even then only will cost you money if you join more of a phone with it – and has a lot of old phones anyway just lying down?

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