Apple HomeKit Ready Products For Your Smart Home, Security Gadgets, Specifications, Features, Best Price

Apple HomeKit Ready Products For Your Smart Home, Security Gadgets, Specifications, Features, Best Price

Apple HomeKit designed to unite the smart home, to control connected our iPhones and iPads do everything from intelligent thermostats and lighter bulbs. It is the technology in the background, that all its devices can communicate with each other.

Everything is built into the house, a special application that came with IOS 10 which makes it easier than ever to all compatible HomeKit controllers from a central location.


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If you are already an Apple user, who wants to buy in the HomeKit intelligent house revolution, then it can be a bit difficult to find companies that have chosen and without (22 companies at present have). Accessories and peripherals HomeKit enabled “Compatible with Apple HomeKit” are sold with a logo that helps.

Philips Hue

Why do you want the lighting in the purple room and fuschia in the living room? Because you can of course. Colors and brightness can now be controlled by Siri in Apple Ecosystem, and if you are an existing Hue user, is.

If you are new to the game, there is a starter kit and white in color around the deck and contains three A19 bulbs.

Honeywell Intelligent Lyric Thermometer

Honeywell has a new version of its intelligent thermostat at CES 2016. The new Lyric previous models are identical, but adds HomeKit support – you set the temperature of your iPhone, receive alerts when maintenance is needed and geofencing for Lirico you know when You enter and leave your home.

These types of functions can be integrated with other devices and intelligent HomeKit thermostat is compatible with Samsung Smart Things good. Here’s your answer, if you like the look of the nest, but you’re sure you want a HomeKit at home.


Nanoleaf Aura is a modular lighting system that can be glued on walls and windows to make beautiful designs. It is represented as a series of triangles that shine and / or blink all the colors you want, it is enough for all, it is fully controlled by the voice.

Hunter Ceiling Fan Symphony and Signal

The CES has also seen the news that new ceiling fans compatible with Wi-Fi signal from Hunter Symphony and working with Apple HomeKit.

Simply put, to ensure Siri control, as always, and integration with other HomeKit products, including scenes for fans and smart lamps as it moves or ready for the bedroom bed in your house .

Elgato Eve Home Monitoring

Knowing your home is not only about how to get to the flush with the “gift” to work. Nothing escapes the attention of the Elgato Eva region, composed of four independent sensors (room, air conditioning, doors and windows), allows immediate access to moisture, air quality and temperature of your home. outside.

 Elgato pluggable, power control and light switches are also compatible with HomeKit if their smart lamps are not compatible with the standard Apple.

First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi

Nest, way smoke and smart detection CO developed the market, but not first, when looking alert rule for some HomeKit automated support.

The alarm that the current cable of the replaced device (a version with batteries is also available) are you with messages in an emergency smoke or carbon monoxide and integration HomeKit it alert means That you can perform tests and change the mood lighting conditions from your iPhone.

August Smart Lock

This smart lock uses a Bluetooth connection to open on your device as you approach. It also works with a key when the power phone runs from the battery.

IPhone owners can use to lock and unlock the voice commands Siri Voice. It also works with Apple Watch, which allows you to lock your wrist unit, can use the door you will find to get your activity log, and instant notifications.

August made some very big changes in the software before a new access mode provides a list of companies that take care of the issue for

iDevices Outdoor Switch

Your friends might be on top of home automation behind closed doors but what about outside? This is the first rain-tight smart plug to give options for those who want to have Siri-contolled lights this Christmas, or maybe get the outdoor party started while still plating up in the kitchen.

Plug it into the energy sapping 8-foot high Santa in the garden and you’ll never have to worry about being bankrupted if you forget to turn him off when you’re away from home. Currently, only available in the US.


  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit.
  •  Easy everything you need to know to take your old bridge.
  • It is fully controlled by the voice.


 Apple HomeKit ready products for your smart home, Security Gadgets

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