August Smart Lock Security Gadget, Specifications, Features, Best Price

August Smart Lock Security Gadget, Specifications, Features, Best Price


The variety of devices to complement the wide range of intelligent devices is growing rapidly. Now it is even possible, an additional device to close the hook latch to snap lock and intelligent Smart AutoUnlock August.


  • Dimensions   :   3 1/4 inches in diameter – less than 2 1/4 inches tall
  • Safety    :   Keyless, Total control (control when people have access to your home), Log records and always on (uses 4 AA batteries)
  • Simple To Use   :   Auto-Unlock, EverLock™ and Easy Install
  • Reach Out   : Instant Invites, Invite List, Guestbook and Complete Control
  • Design          : Durable anodized aluminum. Select from different colors option.
  • Bluetooth     : Yes. Syncs your phone directly with your August lock
  • No Wiring   :  No need to wire or connect August
  • Universal     :  To accommodate standard deadbolts. Compatible with the Single-Cylinder deadbolts most commonly found in North America. Please click here for a complete list of compatible deadbolts.
  • Secure Remote Access : You need this August Connect hardware to control your August Smart Lock from anywhere with Internet connection and using the August app.


  • A standalone device, there is a Bluetooth device that allows you to control a compatible phone.
  • The manufacturer offers an additional accessory for your existing network to connect smart latch, which means you can also consider, lock or unlock the door, even if Bluetooth is out of reach.


  • In terms of design, the August Smart Lock an anodized aluminum cylinder is decorated with LED lights.
  • The diameter is about 3.25 inches and the thickness less than 2.25 inches.
  • August makes it even easier to install, which replace only the inner half of the existing deadbolt.
  • It does not require any change at the door.
  • Once installed, instantly creates a normally activated Bluetooth activated deadbolt.
  • The basic idea is that you can control the lock without touching, but you can use the smartphone application to lock and unlock.


  • There are two main features introduced, including Everlock and automatic switching (both are still in beta).
  • The Everlock function allows the device to detect when the door closes behind it, and thus it is automatically locked.
  • On the other hand, automatic switching can feel when you approach and unlock the bolt automatically.
  • Close the August feature enhanced option. This is another accessory that can be plugged directly into an electrical outlet and are an intelligent access to the home network via WLAN.
  • Accompanied by smartphone application, you can lock, unlock, or just check if the door is not properly locked or remotely.
  • The best thing is the ability to temporary, permanent or scheduled to send directly from the application allowing the key; E or invitations can always be revoked. Entering the menu or changing settings is also easy, thanks to the well-designed interface application.
  • August Smart Lock requires only a small amount of energy and uses Bluetooth Low Energy. The main unit is powered by 4 AA batteries, but will continue to operate through the Bluetooth connection even if the batteries are depleted.
  • Another good thing August Smart Lock is that it prevents the conventional key, so it should be no problem if the phone battery is empty when you arrive.
  • Both the August Smart Lock required in August Connect to install any cable connection and works. When the WiFi connection is due to a network failure itself inactive, only affect the August connection, but still works Smart Lock device correctly.
  • There are also sensor memories in terms of low battery to send to your phone.



   August Smart Lock Security gadgets


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